Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Death of TV (Part 2)

I am continuing my exploration of the online video world discovering many new great shows which are sucking up my time but also putting more nails into the television funeral casket. I just got an email from Microsoft which lists places to watch video online.


The quote someone as saying "Watching news on TV just takes too long," explains Marks. "With the Internet, I have the freedom to pick and choose what I want to watch—information that's relevant to me."

I also discovered this portal for Network2.


Check out the hilarious show called Galacticast which does scifi sketch comedy and parodies. Watch the video for Internet TV. I transcribed one of the skits below. It's a parody of the Apple PC/Mac commercials and explores the advantages of Internet TV over TV. That is TV on the left and the cool guy is Internet TV.

IT: Hello, I'm InternetTV
TV: And I'm just TV
IT: So what's on tonight TV?
TV: All kinds of things! We've got dramas and comedies, reality shows, entertainment news
IT: Real news?
TV: No, I'm afraid it's all entertainment news these days. all tried and true formulas. but it's a 500 channel universe. I'm sure you can find something to watch ... as long as you know the exact time and place to it's playing and it's popular enough to stick around ... or it's Law and Order.
IT: Well ... that's great TV
TV: So how many channels do you have?
IT: Infinite
TV: Infinite!???
IT: Well yeah. It's really easy these days. Almost anyone with a computer and camera can start their own show.
TV: Oh you mean those blogs, with those cats, the lonely girls, and the people wandering west Michigan?
IT: Well yeah, those are great too but there's all kinds of other content on the Internet. Like Rocketboom, Tiki bar TV, Ask a Ninja and Galacticast
TV: Galacta who?
IT: Glactacast. Scifi sketch comedy. They're great at parodies
TV: I see! But how can anyone find anything with so many choices? huh???
ITV: Well ... Network2.tv
TV: Yes, I have networks too
ITV: No, Network2.tv. It's a great site that categorizes and reviews
all kinds of Internet TV shows
TV: OK, well, so you have your shows and I have mine
ITV: And I have yours too
TV: What???
ITV: All kinds of popular TV show are available for downloads on
iTunes right after they are aired on regular TV
TV: Yes ... AFTER they broadcast
ITV: Yeah ... for now ...
Ninja: You are like so totally dead!
TV: I know ...


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